Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toothless Wonder

I read Junie B., First Grader, Toothless Wonder. It is written by Barbra Park, and illistrated by Denise Brucks. This book is about Junie B. getting a lose tooth and dosnt want it to come out. So she thinks about it on the bus ride home, and thinks that she shouldn't wiggle it and it will get tight again. But when she got home her Grandpa Miller started wiggling it, and giggling it until, poof! It came out! Junie B. started screaming, "GRANDPA MILLER KNOCKED MY TOOTH OUT! GRANDPA MILLR KNOCKED MY TOOTH OUT!" He finally quieted her down.
The next day was show and tell, so Junie B. brought her cup she used when her tooth was bleeding. I liked this book because it is funny and the way it is written. There is a kid named Jos'e and he speecks a little spanish witch is si, yes in spanish.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mercy Watson

I have read three Mercy Watson books. The first one is called Mercy Watson to the rescue.(she is not actually)
The second one Mercy Watson Takes a Ride and the third is Mercy Watson Something Wonkey This way comes. The first one Mercy was sleeping with Mr. and Mrs. Watson and all of a sudden their bed starts making a hole in the ground. Mercy smells butter and jumps out the window. Then runs to Baby's house. Mercy puts her face aginst the window and oinks.In the mean time Mrs. and Mr. Watson think Mercy went to call the fire department.
Baby thinks Mercy is a demon so her sister calls the fire department. Then she comes in Baby's room and sees it is a pig and chases Mercy to her house. Just then the fire men show up. They see the demon was a pig. Then they hear cries of help in the Watsons house so the fire men save the Watsons. Then they all have toast. Thats only the first book thow.Have fun reading the Mercy Watson series!

The Frog Princess

I read The Frog Princess with my mom and my brother. It' about this princess. And of coarse, a frog. One day the princess went to a swamp, and met a frog who claimed to be a prince. she screamed when she heard him talk. The frog asked for a kiss. she said not on those slimy lips of yours. He said just one. Tomorrow she said. So the next day she came to the same stinky swamp. He asked for a kiss so he could turn into his real form so she kissed him. And that's just the beginning! I liked this book because of the funny parts and how it was written.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sisters Grimm book 1

I read The Sisters Grimm with my mom and my brother.
It was about these two girls. The younger sister is Daphne and the older sister is Sabrina. Sabrina acts superior of Daphne. Which she probably is. Well anyways, the book was about a giant trying to destroy Fairy-Port Landing. They have to stop this monster and save their hometown. This book has a lot of magic involved. This is a great book. Sabrina and Daphne become fairy tale detectives. Some of the fairy tale people are:
the big bad wolf
snow white
prince charming
and more.
I liked this book because of how the author wrote the book. One good thing is that they don't use the word perched.
My mom doesn't like that word since its something birds do. Not humans.