Sunday, May 1, 2011

True... Sort of

True (...Sort of), is not a sequel to Ida B. This book, I actually read after Ida B, and I like it much more. 

True (...Sort of) is about a girl named Delly (Delaware) Pattison. Delly was trouble, but soon she started to feel like trouble--a bad feeling. Delly is a mischief-maker. She loves adventure and surpresents (a present that's a surprise; the best kind possible). 

When the Boyds move into town, it was Delly's biggest surpresent. Brud Kinney plays basketball with Ferris Boyd every Sunday until Delly shakes it up a bit. This book tells a story of two friends (and a third, and fourth--RB and Brud, a basketball loving boy). Ferris helps Delly not fight, but as well, learns an important lesson.

I like how the author (Katherine Hannigan) wrote this story. I especially like the Dellyictionary at the back (to explain words like surpresents). It's fun to call my brother Delly names like bugbotherer.

 This book does not come out until May 15, 2011, but I am lucky because my friend gave me a "ADVANCED READER'S EDITION NOT FOR SALE" copy.

            I recommend this for third grade and up (8+.)