Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

'love that dog' is about a boy named Jack, still young and learning who read a poem called 'love that boy' by a man named Walter Dean Myers. From then on, Jack was inspired.Considering poetry was a new experience for Jack, I was surprised when I begun learning from Jacks words.

'love that dog' is actually inspired by 'love that boy.' Jack chose to write about his old dog Sky, that sadly passed. Jack was still emotionally attached to Sky, so grabbed his grief, and threw it on to a piece of paper.

I like this quote-
"Sometimes  when you are trying  not to think about something  it keeps popping back in your head  you can't help it  you think about it  and  think about it  and  think about it  until your brain  feels like  a squashed pea."